Mother Dirt Shampoo




Gentle formula for naturally healthy-looking hair.

Certified for compatibility with the skin’s natural microbiome.
mother dirt australia
mother dirt australia

Clinically Researched

Color-safe formula that easily removes dirt and oil.

Helps lengthen time between hair washes.

Enhances the results of the AO+ Mist.

Can be used with or without conditioner.

Preservative-free. Unfragranced. Family-friendly. Plant-based.

mother dirt australia

mother dirt australia

mother dirt australia

mother dirt australia shampoo

About Mother Dirt

Our mission is to develop products that restore and nurture the skin biome. To do this, we had to develop strict criteria and processes for ingredient selection, formulation, packaging, and manufacturing.

We use AOB as our core measurement for testing biome-friendliness. Here’s what that means: AOB are one of the most sensitive microorganisms on our skin. Because of this, we believe by formulating a product that’s friendly to AOB means that it will also be friendly to the other delicate microorganisms of the biome as well.

We’ve developed a patent-pending assay that we use to screen all our ingredients and the final formula to ensure that it’s A-OK for AOBs.


One of our early findings was that preservatives have a negative affect on AOB. This shouldn’t be surprising because preservatives exist for the sole purpose of preventing bacteria and other microorganisms from growing in products. No wonder AOB didn’t do well with preservatives, and why you won’t find them in our formulas.

In theory, the motivation for including preservatives is a good one, but at the time, we didn’t know what potential effect preservatives have on our skin biome. This is a new factor to consider.

This goes beyond our screening process. When sourcing ingredients, we’ve found many raw materials on their own already come with a preservative. We had to be very careful about our process to make sure we were always starting with unpreserved raw materials.
We develop products that nurture and feed a living ecosystem, without ingredients meant to inhibit or kill. This is why our products all come with an expiration date that’s counted in weeks, not years.

We had to recreate parts of this process. We manufacture and package our products with strict criteria to ensure that they are 100% pure when they arrive at your door.

Our packaging is selected for maximal protection of the product inside, requiring us to use pharmaceutical grade packaging for products like the AO+ Mist. We include an expiration date on each product so that you know when to discard them.

FAQs Mother Dirt Shampoo
The shampoo is not temperature sensitive. While refrigeration will give you a cool lather, it will not extend the shelf life, which is 8 weeks after the first pump of the bottle.DOES THE SHAMPOO CONTAIN LIVE BACTERIA?
The shampoo does not contain live AOB, but it’s specifically formulated to nurture the good bacteria that you get from your AO+ Mist.I DYE MY HAIR, CAN I USE THE SHAMPOO?
Absolutely! The shampoo is safe for color treated hair.CAN I STILL USE MY CONDITIONER?
20% of users find that they don’t need to use conditioner with the shampoo. However, if you find that you need to use it – no problem! Just keep the conditioner away from the roots and it’s all good.IS THE SHAMPOO SCENTED?
The Shampoo has a very light scent of rosewater (one of the ingredients).IS THE SHAMPOO OKAY TO USE ON MY KIDS?
The Shampoo and other Mother Dirt products are safe for use on children. Our ingredients are on each of the product pages, please feel free to run them by a pediatrician or doctor if you would like.

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