The New Thriving Rewards Program!

The New Thriving Rewards Program!

You may have noticed how we’ve updated the site over the past few weeks to include some great new features for you, our incredible customers!

1: The Rewards Program 

Our new loyalty & rewards program helps you earn points each time you purchase with us (you must have an account to earn points – this is free!). Simply put, for every dollar you spend with us, you receive one Thrive Point in return. These Thrive Points can be spent on discounts the next time you order with us!

100 Thrive Points = $3 discount

2: Dynamic/Bulk Pricing

With so many regular customers on our books, we thought to increase our delivery efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and to provide you with better service, we’re now offering bulk discounts through the online store (for selected products). Each product will have a notification at the top of the description informing you of the bulk quantity discounts available. Simply add this quantity to your cart and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout!

3: Social Sign Up/Log In

For those yet to hold a free account with us, signing up is as easy as ever with our Facebook or Google enabled log ins. Use your pre-existing social accounts to sign up – as easy as that!


These efforts help us to continue bringing the best of the best gut health & microbiome supportive products from around the world to you!

Please if you have any feedback on any issues you are experiencing with our site, let us know so that we can help alleviate the issue!

Much love


Kale Brock


Nice Life


Tim Harkness

Business Manager

Nice Life

Daniel Vitalis Interview w Kale Brock

Daniel Vitalis Interview w Kale Brock

Colostrum, pine pollen, elk antler, bear fat, ice fishing and living wild. These are all the fascinating topics we cover today with the eloquent, articulate Daniel Vitalis. Daniel heads up the company Surthrival and produce some of the highest impact health products on the market. It’s always a blast interviewing Daniel as his logical, pragmatic outlook on life is a great breath of fresh air!

This episode is brought to you by Nice Life The Gut Health Store, where you can find all Surthrival’s amazing products! Head along to to check it all out!

The Interview is episode 55 of The Kale Brock Show

Ultimate Raw Surthrival Granola Recipe

Ultimate Raw Surthrival Granola Recipe

With gut-supportive colostrum!

When we came up with this granola recipe it kind of disappeared in an instant from Nice Life HQ.

Once the excitement had worn off, & we rationed out this delicious, delectable, gut-supportive cereal with some freshly made almond milk it was as satisfying & perfect a breakfast as any we’d ever had!

To grab your own Surthrival Colostrum, click here.


2 C buckwheat

1 C almonds

1 C cashews

1 C dates

2 TBSP chia seeds

4 TBSP Surthrival Colostrum Powder

2 TBSP Cacao Powder

1 TBSP Cinnamon

2 TBSP Honey or Maple Syrup

1/2 C water


Blend all in a food processor for up to 1 minute. The mixture should be very slightly wet.

Lay out mixture on dehydrator trays & dehydrate for 24 hours at 44 degrees Celsius.

In an oven, place on an oven tray & cook at 80 degrees Celsius, with the door slightly ajar, for 8 hours.

Serve with fresh almond milk!

surthrival granola recipe

Garlic; Natures Antibiotic!

Garlic; Natures Antibiotic!

Garlic. Nature’s Antibiotic.garlic

Garlic has been used for thousands of years, amongst various cultures, for the treatment of health ailments both prophylactically & in times of crisis! Peter Josling, biochemist from the UK & creator of The Allicin Centre (find products here) writes the following:

Garlic contains many beneficial components and over the last 10 to 15 years an enormous amount of research has been published on the properties of various breakdown components that are formed when fresh garlic is cut, crushed, chopped or processed. Of these well-known and categorized sulphur-containing chemicals, it is allicin that stands out head and shoulders above the rest, showing the most exciting, interesting and beneficial properties. 

Now, with the advent of new technology, for the first time ever it is possible to produce stabilized allicin on a commercial scale. This has led to research confirming the most incredible spectrum of activity against today’s most pressing problems resistant bacteria, viral and fungal infections, and micro-organisms that have long been the scourge of modern man.”

Gosling & fellow researchers have submitted huge amounts of research which give significant weight to the argument that allicin, the extract of garlic, could prove to be the answer to many of the world’s future health problems; namely Antibiotic Resistance.

In an interview with health journalist Kale Brock, Josling explained in detail how Allicin can quite often be used successfully to treat resistant infections. He also explained how taking Allicin can also prevent conditions such as malaria due to mosquitoes disliking the product in the bloodstream.

Researcher & journalist Phillip Day writes;

Allicin is a proven weapon in the fight against disease. Josling and others have published a plethora of research showing allicin demonstrates significant efficacy in treating the problems below. It is in its role as a cold preventative, however, that garlic, to-date, has been most well-known.

You can enjoy the benefits of stabilised Allicin by checking out The Allicin Centre’s products in the store now!

allipro Nice Life Store

Golden Colostrum Turmeric Elixir

Golden Colostrum Turmeric Elixir

This is the most delicious, immune-boosting, powerfully healing and gut regenerating drink you’ll ever try!! Enjoy the creamy, sweet, spiciness of this ayurvedic cocktail to keep you strong throughout the winter months.

Grab the highest quality colostrum on the planet here.


How Colostrum Heals the Gut with Dr Keech

How Colostrum Heals the Gut with Dr Keech

Just How Colostrum heals the gut is extremely interesting.

As Dr Keech says in this powerful video, how can you heal meters of damaged intestinal villi? With colostrum. It’s proven technology. It’s been around for thousands of years.

In this powerful video Dr Keech speaks about the amazing molecules in Colostrum which regulate cytokine production, regulates the immune system, and can heal the gut.

Surthrival Colostrum is the top Colostrum product on the market, and is available to you in Australia right here at Nice Life 🙂 


In an article by the US National Library of Medicine they point out the importance of intestinal integrity in Autoimmune Disease.

The classical paradigm of autoimmune pathogenesis involving specific gene makeup and exposure to environmental triggers has been recently challenged by the addition of a third element, the loss of intestinal barrier function. Genetic predisposition, miscommunication between innate and adaptive immunity, exposure to environmental triggers, and loss of intestinal barrier function secondary to dysfunction of intercellular TJ all seem to be key components in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. Both in CD and T1D gliadin may play a role in causing loss of intestinal barrier function and/or inducing the autoimmune response in genetically predisposed individuals.58 This new theory implies that once the autoimmune process is activated, it is not auto-perpetuating, but rather can be modulated or even reversed by preventing the continuous interplay between genes and environment. Since TJ dysfunction allows this interaction, new therapeutic strategies aimed at re-establishing the intestinal barrier function offer innovative, unexplored approaches for the treatment of these devastating diseases.

Fermented Foods E-Course Learn the Art of Probiotic Nutrition!!

Fermented Foods E-Course Learn the Art of Probiotic Nutrition!!

Kale Brock, TV Presenter, CHEK Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Strategist (and Owner Manager here at Nice Life!) has just released his incredibly powerful online fermented foods course!

To check out the course click here! 

More info below!


In the world’s first online fermented foods course you’l learn a unique, cost-effective and incredibly nutritious method of fermenting food! Introduce the power of probiotics (good bacteria) into your kitchen by applying the info in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow and enjoyable course! In powerful video, audio and document format, Kale Brock, TV Presenter, CHEK Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Strategist takes you through a complete system of probiotic nutrition that will create big changes in you and your families health!

This course comes with a money-back-guarantee if you don’t like the course!! It’s a no risk investment in your health!!


Access the entire course from the comfort of your kitchen! Our seamless integration with smart-phone software allows you to watch all the videos on your phone – perfect for following along in the kitchen!

kale brock fermented foods ecourse

To check out the course click here! 

We’ll go through the following foods

– Traditional Kombucha Stage 1 **refined-sugar-free!!**

– Traditional Kombucha Stage 2

– Kombucha; the sugarless method by Kale Brock 

kombucha kale brock fermented foods course

– Sauekraut


kimchi kale brock fermented foods course

-Traditional Tomato Relish 

– Specialty probiotic salad dressings

probiotic dressing kale brock fermented foods ecourse

– Specialty nut cheeses 

– and more!!! 

To check out the course click here! 

As part of the course you’ll also get access to loads of extras!

kale brocks fermented foods ecourse

– Kombucha safety checklists

– Fermented Vegetables Safety Checklists

fermented foods kale brock ecourse

– Shopping Lists

– Important facts and fermenting principles

fermented foods ecourse kale brock


fermented foods with kale brock


To check out the course click here! 

PLUS you’ll get free access to our online support system for avid fermenters! Any concerns with your course or the foods you’re making? Just ask us and we’ll help you out!

You’ll also get access to NEW content as we update it – for no extra cost!

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

– improved digestion

– improved weight management

– improved performance

– improved nutritional profile

– rebalancing of digestive issues

– balanced hormones

– improved mood and emotional state

– better sleep

– better skin

– glowing eyes

– improvement in management of conditions like autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, liver disorders, immuno-suppression, viral conditions

and more!!

To check out the course click here!