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ELK ANTLER VELVET contains a powerful blend of growth factors in a naturally occurring matrix. These naturally occurring growth factors are involved in every cellular function in the human body, from metabolism to immune response. It provides a solution to the age-old quest for the fountain of youth, by giving us a naturally occurring concentration of anti-aging components that can turn back the hands of time. Clinical research shows that this proprietary IGF matrix supplement has a profound ability to produce more red blood cells that help deliver oxygen to your muscles therefore, dramatically aiding muscular endurance in addition to providing enhanced muscle and injury recovery. Clinical research also shows the ability for this extract to produce more immune system aiding white blood cells. These are essential for aiding in the combat of free radical cellular development which are the main proponents of muscle degeneration and wasted work out sessions.

What we feel is the most concentrated Antler Formula to ever exist. Based on the “Russian Method”, the extraction style developed during the extensive medical studies conducted on Velvet Antler and then taken a step further.

Not only do we work with free range, slaughter free Elk farms, where our strong animals live out healthy lives, but we harvest only the “living tips”, the growing portion of velvet antler.

Just compare the vibrant, living pink colour of our product to the dull browns and greys of competitors and the quality of Immortal Velvet will be immediately apparent!

Immortal Velvet feature elements:

  • Made exclusively from herds of free-range elk in the U.S.
  • Humanely harvested, we never use “cutting rooms”, tourniquets, anaesthetics, or tranquillisers on our elk
  • Concentrated 43:1 before extraction, yielding the highest potency
  • Extracted in organic grape ethanol for maximum quality and absorbability
  • Bottled in superior Violet Miron Glass for maximum freshness, stability and storability
  • Our organic grape alcohol delivery system ensures that growth factors are optimally absorbed
  • Available in two strengths: Gold and Platinum with Tribulus. Same product, different concentrations



Strongest Strength 3/3

New Immortal Velvet Platinum with Tribulus is without question the absolute strongest deer Antler Velvet extract we have ever seen. At 1500mg of our 43:1 “Living Tips” Velvet Elk Antler extract per bottle, it is now 50% more concentrated than Immortal Velvet Gold, the product that set the new standard for Velvet Antler potency.

Additionally, our Platinum formula is made with Tribulus, whose saponins support healthy sex hormone production. This formula was also designed with your body's internal antioxidant pathways in mind. This synergistic combination of Elk Antler Velvet and Tribulus supports the healthy production of Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione within the body. These are the body's master antioxidants, and are critical for genetic
repair and system wide detoxification.

(Immortal Velvet Platinum is a stronger formula than Immortal Velvet Gold.)


Strong Strength 2/3


Standard Strength 1/3

Find out more at https://www.nicelife.com.au/more-about-immortal-velvet

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Platinum, Gold, Silver


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Additional information


Platinum, Gold, Silver


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