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Introducing one of the world’s most powerful, ethical & sustainable superfoods. This Golden Kelp is hand harvested with care from the pristine coastal waters of Southern NSW.

Kelp, when rehydrated, emits a mucilaginous gel not dissimilar to aloe vera, and is known to be a gut nourishing superfood.

Packed with essential vitamins, extremely high amounts of minerals & trace elements, and oceanic probiotics, sea kelp is an incredible source of nutrition.

Use the Golden Kelp flakes (granules) over almost any dish as an affordable, nutritious, flavoursome (mildly salty) addition to your meal. Golden kelp goes especially well over roasted vegetables as a delicious seasoning.

Partake in the thousands of years old tradition of eating seaweed. Harnessing the incredible nutrition available from nature has never been so easy, affordable, sustainable and delicious!

This, from The Guardian:

“Scientists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne have researched alginate, a substance in brown seaweed, and found that it can strengthen gut mucus (which protects the gut wall), slow down digestion (so you feel fuller for longer) and make food release its energy more slowly (ie, it is low-GI, and therefore good). It’s also high in fibre. A study of the faecal flora of Japanese women (well, someone’s got to do it) showed that high seaweed intake increases the good bacteria in the gut.”

Golden Kelp is a fantastic addition to your ongoing gut health program.

Using 1 teaspoon per day, the 350g option will last about 70 days.

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