Surthrival Nice Life Tips

Apr 5, 2014

SurThrival Tip #1:

Know your water source. Nourish your body & build your blood with the cleanest water possible, preferably spring water!

SurThrival Tip #2:

Connect with your local food-shed. At SurThrival, we believe it is important that we stay connected to our local food production. Whether you grow and raise your own food, forage, fish, or hunt, or simply become a member of a CSA or shop your local farmers market, getting connected to a local food source is the beginning of personal and community food sovereignty.

SurThrival Tip #3:

You can use HEPA filtration, ionizers, de-humidifiers, and house plants in combination to recreate outdoor-like air inside of your home! Here is a link to NASA’s study on removing toxic VOC’s with house plants:

SurThrival Tip #4:

More than just free, Sunlight is truly the source of all life-force and health. The vitamin D we manufacture in the presence of sunlight does more than build healthy bones, it stimulates the production of feel good neuro-transmitters, staves off dozens of cancers, and is even critical to the proper expression of our genes! Be sure to get enough sunlight for your skin type.

SurThrival Tip #5:

Nourishing your spirituality is nourishing your overall health. Take at least 10-15 minutes each day to dedicate your energy toward focusing on yourself, whether it be through meditation, doing something you are passionate about, etc. Fulfilled spirituality makes for wholistic health.

SurThrival Tip #6:

Try turning your water temperature control to cold when you are finishing your shower. The cold water causes the tiny musculature of the skin to contract, toning the skin. Not only does this practice lead to more taut and toned skin, it revitalizes your body, and is good for your metabolism and your immune system! Give it a try, you will thank us!

SurThrival Tip #7:

Develop the skill of life long learning. By observing the redundant underlying patterns in any field of knowledge, you can become the master of many skills. Here is a secret: When you meet a master, rather than memorizing what they know, study instead how they think. Try this easy mantra: “I learn easily, I’m always learning!”

SurThrival Tip #8:

Consider switching to Glass Water Bottles.

We all know that reusable water bottles are better for the environment, but what material is best for our health?
We love glass water bottles because they are non-porous ”“ meaning they don’t breath -keeping your water tasting fresher longer. Unlike stainless steel and plastics, glass is non-leaching, keeping toxic metals like nickel, and harmful petro-chemicals like BPA from ending up in your water. Glass, though delicate, is the SurThrivalist’s pick for our healthiest choice.

SurThrival Tip #9:

ReWild Yourself! Practice the flat-footed squat.

Sitting in the flat-footed squat is a near ubiquitous human resting position. Only in the westernized world have we lost our ability to comfortably rest in the squat position, due of course, to the constant use of chairs. Set a goal to build up to 1 minute of flat-foot squatting per day. Start by positioning your feet just wider than your shoulders, exhaling as you sit your buttocks as close to the heels as you can, with your feet firmly planted flat on the floor. This can greatly benefit your hip, knee, and ankle mobility and preserve the long-term comfort of your lower back.

SurThrival #10:

Try Pillow-less Sleeping!

It sounds strange, but pillow use may be a significant contributor to many people’s neck pain! Try out a few postures on your bed without your pillow to see what is comfortable. Hint: You don’t have to use your arm as a pillow, try tucking your arm and shoulder behind you. Once you establish a few comfortable postures, try sleeping a whole night without your pillow. You just might find this to be the answer to relieving that chronic neck tension!

SurThrival Tip #11:

Keep a pair of “gas pumping” gloves in your vehicle!

Gasoline contains over 150 different chemicals, and is widely understood to be exceedingly toxic in nature. Due to its solvent properties, petroleum is readily absorbed transdermally. Keep a pair of gloves handy that you can use when pumping gas in order to minimize your contact with common toxic compound.

SurThrival Tip #12:

Practice defocused vision for better eye health!

Our modern lives constantly demand that we use hyper focused/near sighted vision. We spend much of our time reading and computing, and being indoors where there is very little panorama. When you “take in” a panoramic view, as in the view from a mountain top, you are not “looking” at anything specific, rather seeing the whole scene with defocused vision. This relaxes the eyes, and helps to increase the longevity of our vision!

SurThrival Tip #13:

Give yourself the gift of EMF-free sleep!

Unplug your wireless router and power down your mobile phones and tablets (or put them on “airplane mode”) before going to bed at night. We have found that this allows for a deeper and more refreshing sleep.

SurThrival Tip #14:

Drink a cup of Herbal Tea Per Day!

By adding one infusion or decoction of medicinal or tonic herbs into your day you flood your body with phytonutrients that act as medicines in your body. Most of the domesticated produce in our modern food supply chain lacks the phytochemistry that we as humans are adapted to. The lack of herbal medicine in peoples diets today represents one of the reasons that we are so culturally dependent on pharmaceutical medicine. A cup of tea per day helps to keep the allopathic doctor at bay!

SurThrival Tip #15:

Have you tried using a standing desk?

Recent research suggests that chronic sitting may be as or more detrimental to your health than smoking! Consider creating a standing desk for your work, or just for your every day computer use.

SurThrival Tip # 16: 

Take a walk. Its sounds so natural, so simple, but in our modern world it is – for many of us – the most under utilized form of exercise. We spend so much time, energy, and money on gyms, equipment, and workout gear, but our bodies are already optimized for this low impact, highly therapeutic form of movement. Studies indicate that the benefits range from reduced blood pressure to better sleep and enhanced mental well being.

SurThrival Tip # 17:

Develop a supplement station! We all need to use supplements and medicines to maintain our health. The problem is that we have to take them in order for them to work! Set up an area where you will visit your supplements throughout the day, and make it a habit to use them as you pass by. Hint: Visit your station first thing in the morning, and again before bed!


SurThrival Tip #18:

Love Coffee? Try a coffee enema! This is a fantastic way to detoxify the liver and cleanse the lowest part of the digestive tract. Simply brew a high quality coffee with your best water, allow to cool to room temperature and place 500 ml’s (never more with coffee) in an enema kit. Allow the 500 mlx to flow into your lower bowel while lying on your back. Remain there holding the enema for 12 – 15 minutes. The caffeine from the coffee will flow to the liver – via the hepatic portal vein – but bypass the rest of your body. Only your liver feels the caffeine high, and this causes it to begin detoxifying itself and secreting bile. After 12 minutes release the enema. Many people like to repeat a 2nd time.
SurThrival Tip #19:

Take your body for a walk! Bipedal locomotion is one of the hallmarks of humanity — and yet we are spending less and less time each day doing it! Not only is walking the fundamental human exercise, it has been shown to reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer and even promotes mental wellbeing! You can even enhance the health benefits by walking barefoot in nature as part of your ReWilding practice!

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